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Project Success by Design.

Inspired design rooted in experience and expertise.  Let's build something cool. 


 A Better Way With Millwork Design.

Successful Projects Do Not Happen by Chance

If you've worked in the construction industry for any length of time, you've probably said to yourself "There has to be a better way."  We said this over and over again - first as a General Contractor, then as a Custom Cabinet Maker.


Industry wide, there's a gap between how projects are drawn and quoted and maximizing a client's budget  -- There's a lack of  overall approach, guidenace and discussion of materials options -- There's a gap.  Our Millwork Design Services bridge that gap and set us apart from other cabinet makers.


We handle:

  • Cabinetry Design and Approach

  • While also being your source for cabinetry and installation. 


Cabinetry is a big part of most remodels, yet it's often one of the last areas to be fully developed.  Many people begin their remodel or commit to a cabinetry quote without even really knowing what the quote includes or how their cabinetry will really look and feel.

Our Cabinetry + Millwork Plans:

  • Lead to streamlined budget numbers

  • Allow for a more efficient and smoother running building process

  • Enhance overall client experience

Join the network of Architects, Interior Designers, and G.Cs Making A Millwork Designer a Valued Part of their Team Services and Offerings.

Collaboration and Team Spirit

Architects, Interior Designers, G.C.s -- We work directly with your Client to flesh out the many Cabinetry details.  From Accessories to custom details such as legs and integrated pulls, we bring your placeholder drawings to life and deliver a full set of buildable shop drawings.

Enhance Client Experience + Confidence

Enhance client experience by allowing Millwork design to happen early on in the process so your client isn't rushed with decisions.  Cabinetry is a big part of a renovation project -- we'll work with your Client to develop a Millwork Plan before decision fatigue has kicked in. 

Value Engineering

Our construction experience informs our Design.  Why create a design only to hope it fits with your client's budget?  

We strategize and value engineer so that your client's can feel great in knowing... Let's design to shine. Maximum impact where design style meets functionality meets budget.

Streamlined Budget + Building Process

We contribute 30+ years of construction experience, a knowledge of how things are built, personal approach, and an aesthetic + love for design not often found in the cabinet making world. 

Our Millwork Designs are rooted in how things are actually built.  We bring expert knowledge of current cabinetry hardware and when specifying hardware, consider things like weight distribution and the physics of movement. 

Let's Chat!

How can our Millwork Design Services enhance  your team's value offerings and contribute to the success of your next project?​

Josh Ganzhorn


Not Your Ordinary Cabinet Shop.

We are constantly looking to the future and the latest innovations both technically and aesthetically, as opposed to many other cabinet shops that seem to prefer to work within more comfortable boundaries but possibly antiquated construction methods and design aesthetics

Other cabinet shops = Either old school everything by hand (not as efficient)

Or, all CNC production shop. No room for bespoke details or design exploration.They want to build the same kitchen they've built 100+ times.


It's 1 or the other -- old school or new school.  We are a hybrid of both. 

Jen Zahigian Ganzhorn


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